Corporate Culture Sub-Optimization

My latest response to a question posed in the Mentor’s Guild Ask an Expert forum: I admit to having used such a suboptimization strategy, back in the day, when I was promoted to run a department that was both negatively viewed and non-core to the business. Although the larger company culture was very “high-visibility” and “political,” I asked …

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A Portfolio of Mentors

My latest response to a question posed in the Mentor’s Guild their Ask an Expert forum: Their Question: We are national telecom organization with a new mentorship program aimed to develop our new executive leaders from within the organization. We have identified more than 20 mid-level managers from various functions who are eligible for the program, 4 of them …

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Managing Older Employees

As a founding member of the Mentors Guild, I help individuals and businesses maximize their performance. Here’s my latest response to a question posed in their Ask an Expert forum: Their Question: My leadership style is casual, friendly and collaborative. One big hurdle — I have to manage a SME (subject matter expert) senior engineer (nearing retirement age) …

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