The Venn of Promotability

The Venn of Promotability It’s that time, again, isn’t?! We’re more than midway through the year…which means that budget time is a-comin’!! Which also means that it’ll soon be time to make your pitch for a promotion…and others will be pitching you for their promotions, too, by the way. Now if you’re like most people …

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Why Productivity is Overrated

Why Productivity is Overrated Increasingly, companies – and their leaders – are wanting employees to return to working, at work, instead of from home. And, increasingly, employees are not wanting to! Underlying (and Conflicting) Rationales Leaders say that the costs of employees working from home have become untenable. And they may be right! According to …

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Prodrome Management

Prodrome Management The main water main under my street burst, this week. After calling Public Works (I was the first person to contact them) their trucks and backhoe and workers arrived in literally minutes. All told, it took less than 3 hours to turn off the water, dig the hole, patch the leak, fill the …

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3 Types of Problems To Start Paying More Attention To

Whether you call them ‘opportunities’ or ‘problems’, there are 3 main types: The problems/opportunities you recognize, as such, and do something positive with The problems/opportunities you recognize, as such, but still get the better of you The problems/opportunities you completely don’t see or can’t change I assert that you’ll benefit from all three… but I …

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“Shisa Kanko” for Leaders

Japanese rail workers routinely point at signs as they read them aloud. The practice is called shisa kanko and, according to a study conducted by the Japan Railway Technical Research Institute, it has enabled a MAJOR improvement in occupational safety – as in reducing unforced errors by 85%!!! It works like this: Apparently, merely engaging one’s eyes, …

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Leadership Move #26: Explain the ‘Why?’

Who hasn’t overheard this type of conversation between a boss and employee: Boss: Do this. Employee: Why? Boss: Because I say so. Given this reality, no wonder employee morale and engagement is so often as low as it is! Sure, there are times when a crisis or tight deadline might require extreme employee responsiveness, but …

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