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What If You Had All The Self-Esteem You Needed?

What you think about yourself determines what you think about MANY things. So here’s a bit of a primer on the topic of self-esteem based, in part, on The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, by Nathaniel Branden: What IS Self- Esteem? Self-esteem is the reputation we have with ourselves, akin to our ‘brand’ – not the …

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Once Upon a Hammer

Why is it that surgeons tend to recommend surgery and negotiators, negotiating? And why is it that house painters recommend a fresh coat and therapists recommend, well, therapy?! Is it all part of some sort of conspiracy? Does it have to do with, as a former mentor of mine once put it when talking about …

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When Will You Stop Sabotaging Yourself Like This?

A leader’s success can easily be predicted by how pressure affects performance. But while the pressures that organizations routinely place on leaders can be tremendous, it’s the pressures leaders put on themselves that are often more powerful…and debilitating. Pressures Imposed by the Organization The list of pressures that organizations put on leaders is near-infinite. Here …

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Grit, Resilience, and Hardiness

In many ways, GRIT, RESILIENCE, and HARDINESS are more similar than not. If we were to differentiate, though, I’d say it this way: GRIT is what keeps you focused and helps you push through, notwithstanding the stress RESILIENCE is what helps you bounce back from a prior stress But HARDINESS is the ability to actually …

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