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Problems and Opportunities

Whether you call them ‘opportunities’ or ‘problems’, there are 3 main types: The problems/opportunities you recognize, as such, and do something positive with The problems/opportunities you recognize, as such, but still get the better of you The problems/opportunities you completely don’t see or can’t change I assert that you’ll benefit from all three… but I …

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Effective Postmortem Discussions

Problems come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t get mad. Get learning! Sure, proper planning, resources, and discipline, can prevent many problems from ever happening. But no matter how hard we try, some will slip through, anyway – that’s just reality. So how best can we learn from the bad things that happen? Mistakes are …

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Justifying Title and Salary Upgrades

It’s that time of year again, so let’s review how things work… When talking about raises and title changes I always recommend a three-pronged approach: Your Top 3 Justifications In-Place Growth – The better you can justify how your job has significantly grown since you first began in the position, the better. Chart out the …

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