You’re just a name, a few details, and a captcha code away from being able to complete the Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS) to test what triggers you into feeling like you’re in conflict…whether it’s real or only perceived.

The HBAS is “a subset-of-a-subset” of the two Conflict Dynamics Profile® assessments offered by LeadershipTraction – the CDP-I Individual/self-assessment; and the CDP-360°/multi-rater assessment. (More on each of these assessments at

While the HBAS is not meant to be a comprehensive examination of your Hot Buttons or conflict competency, many find it to be a helpful introduction to, and illustration of, the concept of Hot Buttons and how they undermine our best efforts during challenging and difficult interactions – and inspires them to learn more about how to become more agile and constructive in such circumstances.

Hope you do, too!

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