What Are You Aiming At?


Heard the one about the cross-eyed dart thrower? He seldom wins any prizes, but he sure keeps the crowd on its toes!

The Job of a Leader

As leaders our job is to keep those in our sphere of influence ready to face whatever challenges arise. Not through fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but through clarity of vision, respect for all, and the appropriate utilization of time, information, money and other non-financial resources.

But in order to properly aim them in the right direction, we need to be clear at what we, as leaders, are aiming at ourselves.

The A.I.M. of a Leader

Regardless of whether you’re working on a new initiative, or supporting longstanding processes, the ‘aim’ of a leader is clear:

  • Awareness – of what is needed by whom, for whom, and by when
  • Intention – to do what’s right, in the right ways, at the right times, meaning always
  • Mastery – to be truly committed to learning from our mistakes, learning from the opportunities we’ve missed, learning from the opportunities we’ve realized, and demonstrating that we can apply that learning in a variety of meaningful, engaging, and forward-thinking ways

As you commit to increasing your awareness, intention, and mastery in your learning, know that you’ll be increasing the probability of becoming a more capable, compelling, and successful leader.


Let me know it you need any help with that.

What Next?

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