Nothing, nothing, nothing, then – BAM! – there it is. You’re having a pleasant (or “not awful”) conversation with someone and then all of a sudden – seemingly out of nowhere – you’re triggered. You’re “white hot,” your “fight/flight” instinct has kicked in at warp speed, you know not what you’re doing or saying – BAM! What just happened?! Someone pushed one (or more) of your Hot Buttons, that’s what happened. And you lost control of your rational mind – BAM!

Hot Buttons?

Hot Buttons are the things that “trigger” you into sudden conflict. Interestingly, the conflict doesn’t necessarily have to be real – but it surely FEELS real. And it can have real CONSEQUENCES. So knowing what triggers you is an important part of becoming a more Conflict Competent leader. The following on-line Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS) is “a subset-of-a-subset” of the two  Conflict Dynamics Profile® Assessments offered by LeadershipTraction – the CDP-I Individual self-assessment and the CDP-360° multi-rater assessment. (More one each of these assessments at As such, the HBAS is not meant to be a comprehensive examination of your Hot Buttons or your competency with conflict. Rather, it is an introduction to, and illustration of, the concept of Hot Buttons and how they are analyzed in the CDP-I and CDP-360° assessments. The HBAS quickly and easily identifies what’s likely to be your  ’hottest’ Hot Button. (Most people have more than one Hot Button conflict trigger; the others are identified in the full  CDP assessments. Additionally, only five (out of a possible nine) Hot Buttons are included in the HBAS. As a result, an actual CDP result report might indicate a different Hot Button profile than what is indicated here.) That said…ready?

Take the Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS)

And if you find this free information interesting and insightful I also have two related  products – the CDP-I Individual self-assessment and the CDP-360°/multi-rater assessment – that you can purchase that go MUCH deeper at the LeadershipTraction estore. Either way, the Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS) or full CDP-I or CDP-360°, here’s to your increasing leadership competency.

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