Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach

So what DOES make Barry Zweibel so uniquely qualified to be your coach?

Well, for starters, whether he’s coaching, mentoring, consulting, training, or telling stories about his own experiences as a leader, business person, executive, author, adjunct instructor, or just another human being, Barry Zweibel is indefatigable in working to help others discover, and successfully implement, timely and workable solutions that not only align with their particular roles and responsibilities, but naturally fit with their individual personalities, preferences, and proclivities.

And should someone need a little help to squirrel up the courage or make sense of things?

Barry is there to provide the precise question or perspective or explanation you need to demystify what’s been derailing you from being your best.

Funny how, in one moment, a problem or sticking point can feel completely opaque. But add a little common sense, and the very wisdom you’re seeking becomes suddenly, oh, so obvious! That’s the ‘Power of Explanation’ – something I happen to be particularly skilled at.
– Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach and Mentor

The ‘Power of Explanation’

Barry’s ‘Power of Explanation’ comes from a variety of sources:

• His Firsthand BUSINESS Experience –  in mission critical systems operations management, marketing, fiduciary control, customer service, planning, strategic thinking, contract negotiations, hiring and selection, complex project management, collaboration, vendor/client relations, and crisis management – all of which has proven to be consistently relevant in addressing the needs, interests, and challenges facing today’s leaders.

• His Direct LEADERSHIP Experience – as a front-line operative, supervisor, manager, director, vice president, corporate officer, project manager, and conflict resolution specialist – which allows him to speak knowingly about the interpersonal, political, organizational, and accountability mistakes he’s made and lessons he’s learned.

• His Extensive COACHING Experience – He’s been coaching, professionally, since 2000 – and coached, informally, for many years prior – so he’s had, literally, thousands of hours of practice, and hundreds of hours of core coaching competency training to hone his craft. To that end, he’s CPCC-certified (Certified Professional Co-active Coach) and the International Coaching Federation recognizes him as an MCC-Master Certified Coach – the gold standard of coach certifications, and a distinction that fewer than 2% of all coaches, worldwide, have achieved.

• His Adult TEACHING Experience – As an adjunct instructor at Northwestern University. As a Certified Master Trainer through the Center for Conflict Dynamics. As an external trainer and facilitator for numerous organizations. As a girls’ softball coach. As a parent.

• His COMMUNICATIONS Skills – His love of language and ability to use just the right word, or phrase, or metaphor to bring an important leadership concept to life, has been central to his success throughout the many iterations of his adult life – something that becomes readily apparent after just a few minutes talking with him.

• And, of course, the COUNTLESS LIFE LESSONS He’s Learned – As you can tell from his pictures, he’s been around for a while. So he knows how fear, uncertainty, doubt, and the mere passing of time, can undermine the best of plans for even the smartest, kindest, and most capable of people. And from this, he’s developed a noteworthy ability to engage people in some of the more meaningful and personally validating, empowering, and flat-out helpful conversations they’ve ever had:

  • Conversations that help them reach surprisingly deep and meaningful insights about their biggest challenges – and themselves – surprisingly quickly, and in surprisingly engaging, and stress-free ways.
  • Conversations that help them talk candidly about the things they just haven’t felt comfortable talking about with just anyone.
  • Conversations that others describe as intellectually validating, emotionally honest, creatively stimulating, and amazingly nonjudgmental and supportive.
  • Conversations that literally accelerate their growth and development as leaders, business people, and human beings.

Check out some of Barry’s client endorsements and the Rapid Return on Investment they’ve experienced from working with him. And for a more biographical read, simply click through.

If you think a brief conversation about your leadership development needs – or those of others in your organization – could be useful, call or connect to coordinate calendars.

"Where Do YOU Want More Traction?"
– Barry Zweibel

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