bird-139704_640On the fence? Here are 30 typical reasons why working with me as your leadership coach makes sense. Consider which ones would help you most right now:

  1. to resolve a boss/employee conflict
  2. to improve your peer-to-peer interactions
  3. to help you learn how to run more efficient meetings
  4. to address your developmental needs as seen by your boss
  5. to act as a sounding board before you take an idea public
  6. to improve your time management skills
  7. to improve your delegation skills
  8. to get you past being stuck about something
  9. to improve your communications skills
  10. to better organize and articulate your thinking
  11. to prepare more meaningful employee reviews
  12. to facilitate inter-group communications/cooperation
  13. to relax
  14. to prepare for major presentations
  15. to become more comfortable with ambiguity
  16. to learn how to create S.M.A.R.T. action plans
  17. to grow your esteem in the eyes of others
  18. to identify opportunities that you may be missing
  19. to role play and ‘prebrief’ with you on important interactions
  20. to become a better question asker
  21. to learn important distinctions
  22. to update your current Winning Strategy
  23. to look at situations from other perspectives
  24. to let go of unhealthy perfectionism
  25. to work less without jeopardizing quality
  26. to establish your next-level goals and objectives
  27. to move from boss-as-expert to boss-as-coach
  28. to deal more effectively with crises
  29. to get past the grousing
  30. to learn how to effectively manage the grapevine

Is it time? Are you ready? If so, give me a call and let’s get something started!

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